7 February 2012 – Collections: Here are our leads  to all the articles we’ve done on Environmental Upgrade Agreements.

These lending techniques whereby the loan repayment is tied to the council rates over the property make them secure and are designed for work that lowers energy costs, which contributes to the cost of the loan…

There are quite a few articles here. Some specifically on EUAs, some are just snippets or mentions. We included the lot. And yes, you can tell EUAs are one of our favourite subjects.

EUA makes a beautiful set of numbers
21 December 2011 – Forget the feel good factors in energy efficiency or climate change. At the end of the day, according to green enthusiast Harry Chua, it’s the beautiful set of numbers on the bottom line that make the recent deal to upgrade his office building […]Read More > >

NAB signs first private funding deal for EUAs
19 December 2011 – National Australia Bank and Low Carbon Australia on Monday announced they had signed the first privately funded environmental upgrade agreement through the Melbourne 1200 buildings program. In a second announcement the City of Melbourne and the Sustainable Melbourne Fund also said they had …  Read More > >

EUA in South Melbourne good for business and environment
22 December 2011 – Melbourne property investor Will Deague says that when his family investment company Asia Pacific Property Group decided to embark on a major energy efficiency upgrade of a major asset in South Melbourne, it hadn’t heard about environmental upgrade agreements. Thanks to an energy efficiency consultant… Read More > >

News from the front desk: Issue No 82
On trigen, places for people, and better places for people who desperately need them 8 December 2011 – There’s a place we know called Fish on Fire. Great name. Well, the sustainable property industry is on fire…Read More > >

Energy efficiency conference: leadership, building upgrades and good sense
21 November 2011 ­–There is a new pool of funding and improved project economics for efficiency thanks to the Clean Energy Futures Package, the Energy Efficiency Council conference heard this week. Following is a special report, provided by the EEC that points to these and other key highlights covered in the conference…Read More > >

US announced US$4 billion energy upgrade finance for buildings
6 December 2011 – The United States Obama administration has announced a US$4 billion energy upgrade finance commitment program, similar to Australia’s environmental upgrade agreements…Read More > >

News from the front desk: Issue No 81
On small detonations of hope, bad weather and rabbit holes It started out as a quiet week. Then everything exploded. Reports, revisions, new programs, all pointing to the need to fast track sustainable change in the built environment.. Let’s see, this week’s list includes…Read More > >

Environmental Upgrade Agreements: ready for liftoff in NSW
1 December 2011 – The NSW property industry yesterday (Wednesday) heard more detail about environmental upgrade agreements, the financing scheme to improve building efficiency that has the potential to revolutionise the refurbishment industry in Australia…Read More > >

API/PFA Profitable Sustainability Conference 201124 November 2011 – At last Monday’s conference in Sydney, organised jointly by the Australian Property Industry and the Property Funds Association, it was clear that the industry…Read More > >

News from the front desk: Issue No 78
Who’s got the Abbott proof fence? Do we need one? 9 November 2011 –On the Abbott proof fence, Greenbuild, and Chinese in Chippo At the CarbonExpo on Wednesday in Melbourne, the day after ushering through the carbon price package, Prime Minister Julia Gillard was greeted with a standing ovation and …Read More > >

News from the front desk: Issue No 76
Mac banking on EUAs, the Spring Crush and mega trends for property 26 October 2011 – According to the grapevine Macquarie Bank is the latest financier to be lured to the potentially lucrative world of Environmental Upgrade Agreements…Read More > >

Take your pick of big spending on sustainability, says Verdantix
19 October 2011 – Green building technologies will be a key driver in a near doubling of the sustainability investment market to $3.1 billion by 2014, according to a new report from UK based Verdantix…Read More > >

Environmental Upgrade Agreements: they’re off and Melbourne leads the pack
13 October 2011 – Melbourne has claimed victory in the race worldwide to sign the first Environmental Upgrade Agreement…Read More > >

Supply and demand of NABERS rated properties in Sydney’s CBD
6 October 2011 ­– A new report produces more evidence that rated NABERS buildings outperform non rated ones. Early signs indicate that green development in Sydney’s CBD is gaining momentum to help redress an apparent shortage of space with a NABERS energy rating above four stars…Read More > >

Sydney has draft environmental upgrade agreements: the race is on
21 September 2011 – It’s got Richard Branson and his Carbon War Room and potentially billions of dollars of investment in the United States. Australia is also in on the act and Melbourne and Sydney are vying to be the first to market. It’s the race to…Read More > >

News from the front desk: Issue No 70
The violence of ABC listeners, Rod Leaver and Green Building Week, Low Carbon calls for interests and will Turnbull cross the floor? 15 September 2011 – Interesting comments came from Janne Ryan this morning (Thursday) speaking to a class of young architecture students at UTS in Sydney…Read More > >

Upgrade agreements could be a bonanza for older buildings, say Napier & Blakeley
23 August 2011 – There are plenty of people keen for the environmental upgrade agreement models to be finalised, but perhaps none more so than property and development consultants, Napier & Blakeley…Read More > >

High rises apartments can be greened, it takes a little energy
6 September 2011 – The Sydney Morning Herald recently published a story on energy-hungry, high-rise apartments and the challenges they face. (It just happens to mention The Fifth Estate!)…Read More > >

Low Carbon Australia calls for new projects
24 August 2011: Low Carbon Australia Ltd on Wednesday made good its promise to become another source of energy efficiency project with an announcement a “request for proposals” for projects from businesses, property owners and organisations. The projects will need to demonstrate they will save energy or carbon and be …Read More > >

News from the front desk: Issue No 67
Architects move against gongs for bling, NABERS goes 6 star and green is Go, of course 24 August – Who says architects are quiet types? You don’t normally expect architects to create a seething cauldron of controversy but in recent times they’ve leapt right into the fray….Read More > >

Low Carbon Australia springs to life with first funding deal
7 July 2011  – Brisbane investor Harvest Denison Opportunity Fund has leapfrogged the competition and signed Australia’s deal energy efficiency upgrade and finance deal with Low Carbon Australia. Up to six more agreements are expected to be announced in the following weeks in regional NSW Sydney and…Read More > >

Green leases: time to make them redundant
19 May 2011 – Green leases, which include clauses and agreements designed to ensure energy efficiency and sustainable operation of buildings, were not so long ago hailed as progressive. These days it is an outdated concept, according to many of those working in sustainable property, because all …Read More > >

New NABERS boss will need loads of energy for new programs
6 May 2011 – Matthew Clark former manager of the NABERS building performance rating program for the NSW government is on the lookout for a new manager to replace him after his move to a more senior position. But be warned: the job will be demanding. Not only has there …Read More > >

Carbon Trust could tap the $1.2 trillion super sector…but there are still hurdles
31 March 2011 – The federal government’s Australian Carbon Trust is targeting Australia’s $1.2 trillion superannuation sector for partnership funding. If it succeeds, it will potentially create an enormous funding pool for sustainable building around Australia. The Carbon Trust was set up in March last year as …Read More > >

High-rise living – sustainable or not?
15 February 2011 – A visit to Hong Kong and China inevitably leads to thoughts of urban planning and the realities of high density living. Lynne Blundell returned from such a trip and has looked at research that challenges the current high-rise approach to sustainable cities….Read More > >

Buildings look greener on the other side – Part II: the Australian view
20 December 2010 – Australia is consistently referred to as one of the global leaders in the sustainable built environment. However, green buildings come at a price and when is the Australian acceptance of “green” going to pay off? In the first installment of this two part …Read More > >

More money for property… again – this time it’s the Australian Carbon Trust
26 November 2010 – The federal government’s Australian Carbon Trust on Friday announced funding and strategic partnerships that could leverage up to $300 million of energy and other efficiency measures for the property sector in the next few years. Key beneficiaries of $23.7 in initial funding to …Read More > >