2 December 2013 — A company in the Blue Mountains has created a guide to protecting homes from ember attack, in light of a drier than normal winter lead to expert predictions of a severe bushfire season.

Jackie Hammond, general manager of Blue Mountain Mesh, said she had seen an increase in calls from people concerned about how to best protect their home.

“The main cause of houses catching fire is not because the fire wall had reached the house, but rather due to ember attack, with winds able to carry embers up to 100 metres and 30 minutes ahead of the bushfire front,” Ms Hammond said.

“The most obvious place for the ember to rest is on a roof top creating potential to settle in gutters, alight dead leaves causing a fire in the ceiling and the house to explode.”

Blue Mountain Mesh has now produced a series of free information guides, two of which address bushfire home protection, focusing on ember protection.

The guides, How to Protect Your Home Against Ember Attack and New Standards for Building in Bushfire-Prone Areas, look at how ember attacks occur, how houses burn, high risk areas, industry building standards and how home roofs can be protected from embers.

“This is a good time of year for residents to take a fresh look at what they have in place and ensure it is offering the best protection this fire season,” Ms Hammond said.

The free ember protection guides are available for download from Blue Mountain Mesh or by calling 1800 612 908.