8 October 2013 — The East Werribee Precinct Structure Plan, an employment and investment hub, has been given the green light.

East Werribee will generate more than 58,000 jobs and more than 7000 homes.

Premier Denis Napthine said the precinct was the largest commercial precinct on government owned land in Victoria’s history, with access to a major freeway and proximity to ports and two airports.

East Werribee will be developed as a 775 hectare precinct on the site of the former State Research Farm.

The government will advertise for tenders on Wednesday, 9 October for interested firms to construct a full diamond freeway interchange at Sneydes Road.

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  1. Beware of Politician’s bearing development plans. As a long time Werribee resident I have seen it before. Reference to the bio-research prescient and all the jobs that that was going to create around Gilbert Chandler and University of Melbourne vet school. We go back to the 1980’s for that one. Apart from a new public hospital and winding back Gilbert Chandler not much has happened.
    Please forgive me also if I am not impressed by the proposed tender to construct a full diamond freeway interchange at Sneydes Road. Anyone who has driven through that section of the Princes Freeway between 6.30 and 9.30am every weekday will know that the queue of cars can probably be seen from space. Immediate notification should be published about this little oversight in the marketing brochures. Let’s not forget the rail service either. It is standing room only from Hoppers Crossing, which incidentally is the nearest rail station to the proposed development site. It is likely that patrons further along the line from Hoppers will be left standing on the station because they are now. What is the projected demand for rail service from the 7000 new homes?
    Mr Premier Napthine and Mr Planning Minister Guy, you are joining a long list of politicians of all political persuasions that did not think through the consequences of decisions like this East Werribee proposal. When you have taken into account the context that you are planning this development for and when you have demonstrated and understanding of that context to the point of integrating mature infrastructure plans for that development do not expect my respect or my thanks.

    Lawrie Grant