by Peter Szental

Peter Szental

Earth Hour has succeeded in grabbing our attention about the urgent need to address Climate Change. But does it send the right message? Is switching off and sitting in darkness the right way to save the planet or instead should the focus be on using energy more efficiently; reducing waste rather than sacrificing amenity and our lifestyles?

No one should have to forgo their comfort or live in the dark for an hour once a year to highlight our urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By using its profile to promote the smarter use of energy year round, Earth Hour could have a much greater, long-lasting impact by highlight that energy efficiency is a simple, cost-effective and proven way to reduce our carbon emissions.

Installing more energy efficient equipment might be less visible and lack the ‘wow’ factor, but it is incredibly effective.

For example, in my office in South Melbourne lights and air-conditioning automatically turn off when no one’s there so we’re continually reducing our emissions without experiencing any inconvenience.

Let’s move on from awareness to actions that have communities and businesses using watts wisely.

Peter Szental is Managing Director of Szencorp.

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