19 May 2010 – A confidential submission which has appeared on the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency website states that International Power says it will not accept any policy that requires the National Electricity Market to support energy efficiency because it has “the potential to destroy the value of existing investments in the generation sector,” according to The Total Environment Centre.

“The NEM has now been exposed as one of the key obstacles to energy efficiency in Australia – it’s all about energy waste so big companies can make more profits,” TEC director Jeff Angel said.

Mr Angel said the statement revealed that the owner of the dirtiest power station in Australia was “trying to thwart energy efficiency to preserve profits, which will rob consumers of cheaper bills and Australia of lower greenhouse gas emissions.”

“The pressure is on for Kevin Rudd to stand up to International Power and other cynical, self-interested polluters.”

TEC said that according to WWF, International Power’s 45 year old Hazelwood brown coal power station “spews out an astonishing 1.58 Mega tonnes of carbon per terawatt hours, or about 18 million big hot air balloons of carbon pollution each year, and is the most polluting of the major coal-fired power stations in the OECD.

“If Australia is to make the urgently needed move to a new, green economy, then energy efficiency must be promoted to centre-stage and fully supported by business and industry. Otherwise Australia has little chance of meeting its reduction commitment and its economic and environmental prosperity will be severely compromised,” Mr Angel said.

“Energy efficiency could save Australia $1 billion a year.

“But International Power is trying to take this out of the pockets of average Australians by ensuring the NEM continues to support more energy consumption.”

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