BRIEF – 22 September 2009 – A clear, practical pathway to major emissions reductions within the next 20 years is still possible according to a new report from Greenpeace.

According to the report, “energy [r]evolution, a sustainable Australia energy solution”, energy industry modelling software designed by the German Aerospace Centre suggests that significant cuts to worldwide Co2 emissions can be made in the timeframe necessary to avoid a global temperature rise of +2°C if the right measures are taken quickly.

Focusing on the stationary energy sector the report outlines a series of measures that, if adopted, could see significant efficiency gains and a dramatic expansion of renewable power generation over the next decade:

  • Phase out all subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear energy
  • Internalise external (social and environmental) costs through “cap and trade” emissions trading
  • Mandate strict efficiency standards for all energy consuming appliances, buildings and vehicles
  • Establish legally binding targets for renewable energy and combined heat and power generation
  • Reform the electricity markets by guaranteeing priority access to the grid for renewable power generators
  • Provide defined and stable returns for investors, for example through feed-in tariff payments
  • Implement better labelling and disclosure mechanisms to provide more environmental product information
  • Increase research and development budgets for renewable energy and energy efficiency

The report can be viewed here:



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