Jack Noonan

3 October 2013 — CETEC is turning up the heat. Literally.

The company has opened a new office in the sunshine state, with Jack Noonan the newly appointed Queensland state manager.

The company is a technical risk management consultancy servicing the public and private sectors in property, the built environment, occupational health and safety, environmental consulting and strategic commercial risk management.

Its head office opened in Melbourne 26 years ago and a Sydney office was opened 12 years ago.

Mr Noonan has been with CETEC for four years, based in Melbourne, working first in a technical role, and then on marketing and relationship management.

“I grasped the opportunity to manage Queensland – it’s been a pretty crazy four weeks,” he said.

“The first time I came up here it was 34 degrees in Brisbane and just 16 in Melbourne. But I think I am getting used to the heat.”

Mr Noonan said while CETEC operated throughout Australia, the Brisbane move came after the successful remediation of The Wesley Hospital following water quality issues.

With its expertise, CETEC was appointed as a member of the Queensland Department of Health Water System Expert Panel.

“We were engaged to get the hospital back up and running and that also exposed a number of issues across Queensland Health and Queensland buildings in general, including hospitals and aged care facilities,” he said.

“So we were regularly commuting and then asked to build guidelines – which led us to opening the Brisbane office.”

Mr Noonan said a current project for him was building the $2.2 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital along with Lend Lease.

The tertiary teaching hospital will service the Sunshine Coast region as the hub in an integrated network of healthcare. Due for completion in late 2016, the hospital will open with about 450 beds, growing to a 738 bed facility by 2021.

“It is all looking very positive and within the next six months we are looking to grow the Queensland team to five. Currently there are two or three people here with ongoing support from Melbourne and Sydney,” Mr Noonan.

“But we work all across the country – so nothing has changed in that regard – we just have an ongoing presence in Brisbane.”

Mr Noonan said he had “chatted with a lot of contacts in Brisbane” and had the feeling there was “a huge amount of support” for the new office.

“I think they see that we can flourish here,” he said.

Mr Noonan said he thought of CETEC as “a scientific general practice with a focus on the built environment”.

“We are pretty unique in that we work across a range of issues including Legionella management, indoor environment quality dealing with things like odours, glare and noise, and hazardous materials management.

“We cover a wide range of issues and have a wide range of projects.”

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