11 August 2010 – UPDATE – Cundall has introduced a search function to its NABERS/Green Star Google Map that allows users to see which buildings have a NABERS or Green Star rating.

Cundall managing director Simon Wild said that the application would assist landlords and tenants now that  mandatory disclosure will come into force on 1 November.

“With mandatory disclosure coming in November landlords will need to know what the ratings are of the buildings around them to ensure the ongoing lettabilty and value of their assets,” Mr Wild said.

“For tenants there will be more transparency about the performance of the buildings they will potentially be leasing and a search function will allow them to find the buildings that have a lower impact on the environment.”

You can click on the above picture to view the map and se emore city by city detail below

SYDNEY – Screen shot
BRISBANE – Screen shot
MELBOURNE – Screen shot
SYDNEY – detail
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