16 April 2013 —  Thirteen 13 Coastal Adaptation Decision Pathways program partners have started to release the results of projects carried out over 2011-2012 to deliver useful tools and fresh analysis for managing climate risk around Australia’s coastlines.

A Port Phillip Bay project has developed an innovative approach to help weigh up the cost of protecting communities and infrastructure against the benefits of ongoing property development in the area.

Councils were advised to improve drainage to reduce flood risks and to help communities become more prepared for flood events.

Another project was the “AdaptWater” online tool developed by the Water Services Association of Australia in partnership with Sydney Water and designed to help water utilities make better investment decisions in a changing climate.

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Western Coastal Board in Victoria chair, Cr Jill Parker of Moyne Shire, said the board had “always known how valuable the camping parks were to visitors to the region, but the project has shown how not only the visitors, but also the communities, value the parks”.

“We now have the evidence to demonstrate that they are an asset worth protecting.”

Project leaders took part in a workshop in Melbourne earlier this week and will soon be  publishing information about their individual projects.

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