BRIEF – 24 February 2010 – Celebrity climate sceptic Ian Plimer seems to have more than his self-purported “truth” motivating his vocal scepticism of global warming. With a place on several mining company boards and holding a lucrative portfolio of mining shares and options, Plimer’s personal coffers stemming directly from mining have swelled by more than $1 million in the last two years, according to a recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Since late 2007, the professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide has been a non-executive director of Ivanhoe Australia. On top of his director’s fee of $50,000 a year plus super, the professor owns, based upon Ivanhoe’s current share-price, a roughly $300,000 stake in the company.

Plimer is also a director of CBH Resources, who has zinc, lead and silver mining interests in WA and NSW. According to CBH’s last annual report, Plimer received more than $125,000 in 2009 and $181,003 in 2008. He also holds approximately $502,000 worth of CBH shares.

He is also on the board of tiny British-listed Kefi Minerals, which is exploring for gold and copper in Turkey.

Plimer had previously said of his mining side-interests: ”My links with the industry are public, I have invested in a number of mining companies and am proud to create jobs in outback areas where there are no other jobs. Presumably you will be balancing my links with those from the alarmist quarter and, as science is married to integrated interdisciplinary evidence, pointing out that my links cannot possibly influence supernoval eruptions, solar activity and the Earth’s orbit.”

You can read Paddy Manning’s article on Ian Plimer’s mining links here

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