Richard Lindzen

6 June 2013 — Al Jazeera English is launching a new series, Head to Head, in Australia which will see journalist Mehdi Hasan spar with global leaders in “interviews with attitude”.

In an episode on 13 July, Hasan will challenge climate change sceptic Richard Lindzen on his view that concern about global warming is alarmist nonsense.

In an interview last year with The New York Times, Richard Lindzen, a professor of meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the earth was not especially sensitive to greenhouse gases because clouds would react to counter them.

On a warming planet, he says, less coverage by high clouds in the tropics will allow more heat to escape to space, countering the temperature increase.

Politicians looking for reasons not to tackle climate change have embraced Mr Lindzen and other skeptics.

Dr Lindzen has obliged by assuring them that they are running no risks by refusing to enact emission limits.

“There’s been a lot of scare stuff put out that just doesn’t make sense,” he said.

The episode will be airing on Al Jazeera English’s Foxtel channel, 651 on Saturday, 13 July at 6am and 10pm, Sunday, 14 July at 11am and Monday, 15 July at 4pm.

The series trailer can be viewed here:

The full episode list is:

  • 8 June – World famous philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy on the rights and wrongs of foreign military intervention.
  •  5 June – Columnist Tom Friedman of the New York Times on whether America is a force for good in the world.
  •  22 June – Irshad Manji, author of The Trouble with Islam Today on reforming Islam and the problem of Islamophobia.
  •  29 June – Adair Turner, author and former top financial regulator on the role of the banks and whether capitalism has failed.
  •  6 July – Former leader of Israeli settlers Dani Dayan on annexing territory and the threat to a two-state solution.
  •  13 July – Climate-change sceptic Richard Lindzen on his view that concern about global warming is alarmist nonsense.
  •  20 July – Celebrated scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins on whether religion is a force for good or evil in the world.

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