CASE STUDY – 2 April 2010 – Charter Hall’s new Home HQ North Shore has set a new benchmark for sustainable retail outlets by becoming the first bulky goods store in Australia to earn a 4-star Green Star Retail Centre v1 certified rating.

Located in Artarmon on Sydney’s Lower North Shore the building which opened on 27 March, is a converted former council depot on a heritage listed.

Comprising more than 22,200 square metres of retail bulky goods space over three levels, Home HQ North Shore’s design aims to contribute to significant water, energy and material reductions.  Some of its sustainable attributes include:


  • A330 kilolitre underground tank that collects rainwater from the roof which is then used for on site irrigation and flushing of toilets
  • Water saving fixtures and fittings installed throughout the centre, forecast to save approximately 9.6 mega litres of water a year
  • An air-cooled airconditioning plant installed rather than the standard cold water cooled commercial A/C units, forecast to save 22,000 litres of water a day
  • Waterless urinals
  • Sensor taps
  • A solar hot water system forecast to save approximately 16 tonnes of green house emissions.


  • Existing building materials, recycled building materials and existing building structures were used during construction, with 60 per cent of steel used is recycled
  • Substantial insulation installed through the centre


  • The building systems including energy consumption are centrally controlled
  • A single airconditioning system is used for the entire building and is controlled by centre management, a system comparatively more efficient than the various individual package units usually used in retail centres.
  • Energy efficient light fixtures throughout the centre
  • Transport:
  • On site recycling facilities.
  • 60 bike racks in the centre
  • A green travel plan has been developed for the centre encouraging the use of public transport and car sharing for the tenants and customers
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