Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull’s $1 billion Great Barrier Reef protection package is a “hoax” according to climate group, as it takes money already tied up in the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. also said the funding announcement was only about treating the symptoms not the cause of climate change – fossil fuels.

“It is the mining and burning of coal and gas that is destroying the Great Barrier Reef, yet the Coalition continues to dish out billions of dollars to the fossil fuel industry,” Australia campaigner Moira Williams said.

“It is outrageous that Turnbull says he’s investing in Reef protection when the money he’s announced today was taken from the same clean energy fund that his government slashed.

“Raiding money from renewables, then dressing it up as money to protect the Reef whilst continuing to prop up the greatest threat to the Reef – the fossil fuel industry – is no sign of leadership.”

She said the Turnbull Government will hand out $7.7 in fossil fuel subsidies this year.

The sentiment was echoed by community group Solar Citizens, which said the announcement was tantamount to “shuffling some deck chairs about”.

“The Turnbull Government has only one plan it seems – a plan to get themselves re-elected, to hoodwink the public into believing that today’s announcement is a meaningful and considered response to the crisis playing out up North,” Solar Citizens national director Claire O’Rourke said.

“It is not.”

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