20 March 2012 – CBRE is notching up the dares in the Earth Hour challenge to highlight its commitment to sustainability.

For example, president and chief executive officer Australia and New Zealand Tom Southern has pledged to be the receptionist at the firm’s Sydney head office for a morning if 500 CBRE staff take part in the event at 8.30pm on 31 March at their homes.

The promise is part of the “I will if you will” challenge launched as part of  Earth Hour. https://www.earthhour.org/page/get-involved/how-organisations-can-help

If more than 46.5 million square metres of CBRE managed space participates in Earth Hour, the company’s global director of sustainability, Dave Pogue has promised to install solar panels on his house.

Executive director Asia Pacific Asset Services, Sam Cuccurrullo has also pledged to walk to and from work in Hong Kong 60 times (being one walk per each minute of Earth Hour) after a major client committed 97 per cent of their CBRE-managed office space to participating in the event.