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11 August 2010 – A lift that generates kinetic energy is one of the features that helped the Asia Square twin tower development in Singapore win a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Core & Shell Platinum certification by the US Green Building Council.

Developed by MPGA and designed by Denton Corker Marshall and Architects 61, the development located in the New Downtown section of Singapore’s Marina Bay will feature about 185,800 square metres (two million square feet) of office space as well as a 280 room hotel.

Still under construction, one of Asia Square’s centrepiece features will be a natural light enhancing 100,000 square foot atrium called “The Cube,” featuring a 16 metre-high ceiling and extensive tree planting to help bring overall temperature down.

In terms of energy savings, Asia Square is expected to consume about 33 per cent less energy than most standard commercial buildings, saving close to 10 million kilowatts per year. It is also expected to save about 40 per cent or 65 million litres of water per year as compared to most standard commercial buildings.

Some of Asia Square’s sustainable features include:

  • An energy-efficient façade design, featuring expansive floor-to-ceiling curtain walls, to minimise heat gain and maximise natural daylight.
  • Photovoltaic cells covering the entire roof – the largest renewable energy generation installation in any commercial office development in Singapore – will generate nearly 270,000 kilowatt hours per year to power Asia Square’s mechanical ventilation systems and supplementary lighting in “The Cube”.
  • A biodiesel generation plant that converts waste cooking oil from the food outlets into biodiesel to power generators.
  • Asia Square’s energy-efficient chilled water distribution system is linked to the district cooling system. This puts less stress on the building’s cooling load requirement and thus minimises power consumption.
  • The movement of the regenerative lifts at Asia Square will generate kinetic energy, which will be converted to electrical power to be distributed back to the grid system.
  • Photo sensors and motion detectors at common areas are integrated with lighting control to reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  • Water-efficient sanitary fittings will be used at Asia Square. Condensation from the office towers’ air handling units will be collected and reused for its irrigation needs.
  • Ultraviolet band emitters are incorporated into the air handling units to sanitise surfaces and remove airborne microorganisms.
  • Carbon dioxide sensors, incorporated throughout the entire building, help monitor the level of carbon dioxide and regulate fresh air intake according to occupancy level within the office space.
  • A 300-strong bicycle bay that comes with shower facilities to encourage tenants to get fit and go green.
  • Asia Square will also design a tenant green fit-out guide to help tenants better understand and utilise the building’s green features for optimal efficiency. The guide will also come with a selection of sustainable fit-out materials and maintenance options for tenants.

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