Caroline Baldwin

31 January 2013 — Caroline Baldwin has been appointed to establish European operations for Outreach Strategies, a company providing communications strategy and services on sustainability, clean energy and environmental issues.

Ms Baldwin, who moved from KPMG Australia to the US to lead global climate change and sustainability communications for KPMG International, will now be based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

She said the opportunity to grow an established public affairs leader in the field of sustainable strategic communications was a lifetime career opportunity.

Her new position will see her engaging with existing OS clients in Europe while also developing new partnerships and opportunities for positive environmental outcomes across issues including water, climate change, ecosystem services, sustainable agriculture and clean energy production.

OS president Tad Segal said the agency had experienced rapid growth over the past three years in the European market as both European and US companies and non-government organisations were expanding their sustainability practices and campaigns.

“From the consumer to the boardroom, and from the halls of Congress to parliaments around the world; sustainability and environmental issues are increasingly taking centre stage,” he said.

“OS is in a unique position to advocate on behalf of our clients, who are committed to making meaningful and positive differences in environmental outcomes.

“Caroline expands our capabilities with her unique experience advising multinational corporations on how business can contribute to positive change through meaningful action.”

Ms Baldwin said Australians were known “for their love of travel and carefree attitude to life, but as each year goes by with more floods, fires and hotter temperatures, we are at the coalface of experiencing the economic and social impacts of climate change in our world’.

“The international business and political environment is also changing in response to undeniable environmental impacts.”

At KPMG Ms Baldwin was responsible for developing and implementing strategic internal and external campaigns across 60 countries, helping to grow key sustainable business markets.

She led the thought leadership efforts for KPMG’s Yvo de Boer, the former executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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