Marius Kloppers

By Tina Perinotto

17 September 2010 – Well that had an impact, didn’t it? Marius Kloppers, BHP boss goes for green with his support of a carbon price through a tax and the next day other big business types and the federal government are all over it.

Well, as chief executive officers,  they don’t get much more  powerful than Kloppers.

Watch the Opposition’s roar against climate change action turn into a meow.

In quick succession the federal government said it would form a committee to discuss the issue, that talks were already underway with The Greens, and that Prime Minister Julia Gillard was all ears and that, well you needed to take this kind of stuff seriously.  Never mind that she ruled out a carbon tax before the election.

The Australian Financial Review today had Reserve Bank  board member Professor Warwick McKibbin, nominating himself to be part of the committee, Investor Group on Climate Change – with members such as AMP Capital, Goldman Sachs JBWere and CBus – ticking the “like” box, as did IAG and Australian Industry Group CEO Heather Ridout.

President of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union’s Mining and Energy division, said that Kloppers’ comments were a “breakthrough” and a “game-changer.”

But another RBA board member Roger Corbett, was keen to vote for a market play instead of a tax and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said it was already worried about rising energy prices for its members and ticked “don’t like.”

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