BRIEF – 27 April 2010 – From the Sydney Morning Herald: A research paper from American academics is threatening to blow a hole in growing political support for carbon capture and storage as a weapon against global warming.

The paper from Houston University says that governments wanting to use carbon sequestration have overestimated its value and says it would take a reservoir the size of a small US state to hold the carbon dioxide produced by one power station.

The research has serious implications for Australia, which has invested heavily in developing the technology, though it has not stored carbon from a power plant.

The aim is to be able to capture the carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants and pump them safely underground, so they do not add to global warming.

Previous modelling had hugely underestimated the space needed to store carbon dioxide because it was based on the ”totally erroneous” premise that the pressure feeding the carbon into the rock structures would be constant, Michael Economides, professor of chemical engineering at Houston, and Christene Ehlig-Economides, professor of energy engineering at Texas A&M University, argue.  Read the whole story >>>

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