30 April 2013 — Nigeria needs its own green building rating system to mitigate global climate changes and extreme weather events, says Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute’s Maton Dafang John.

Mr John gave the warning in a presentation, Green Building Rating System: A Nigeria Imperative, at the 2013 Architects Colloquium held in Abuja.

“A global assessment of green building rating-system indicators, showcase parameters such as energy efficiency, water resources, building materials, waste reduction, emissions, indoor environment, project management, site, sewage and garbage improvement, among others with various ratings used as indices in rating a building’s sustainability or otherwise,” he said.

“This paper is an overview on the need for a Nigerian green building rating system, and it indicates some of the derivable economic, social and environment advantage and or consequences of the lack of such a system.

“It is also a clarion call on stakeholders to make this all-important system an accepted and practical standard and not just a dormant policy when hopefully enacted, such that it is well understood by property owners, architects, building managers and occupiers.”

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