By Art Centre Client-in-Waiting…

“Hi…you don’t know me name is (withheld)…let’s say I’m working for an independent school in Queensland, and let’s say they want me to oversee the design and construction of a new arts centre…and let’s say I think that the arts centre should focus on “sustainable practice” and be a new benchmark in both design and program,  and let’s say everybody just looks at me blankly like I’ve just started talking gibberish.

Let’s say I think the building itself should be entirely (well, as much as possible), carbon neutral and completely self sustaining…and let’s say I’ve been trawling through the www for weeks (weeks) trying to find ANYBODY in Australia that can give me ANY advice whatsoever???

I really want to be able to put a good argument to the board of directors (who have money) that this will make sense…and I can find no clear information whatsoever…just really simple clear stuff like:

  • Benchmark projects worldwide – drawings, photos – good hard data
  • Which architects in Australia are doing this kind of thing (none it appears!)
  • Overall cost projections/budget samples of running cost/statistics
  • Power sources and options and alternatives….

Really simple stuff it seems to me. Stuff that nobody seems to provide in one place…

Your www site ( is the nearest thing I’ve got to even talking about it…so good on you, but where might I go to actually make sound arguments to actually get something built that actually works?..phew!”

Any takers?

We are compiling an information kit to assist our art centre client.

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