28 March 2013  [UPDATED 2 April 2013 ]– Community groups last Thursday handed over a petition to members of the NSW Parliament to stem planning changes in NSW that they say will remove the community’s rights of participation.

Convenor of the Better Planning Network Corinne Fisher said about 25 affiliates of the BPN met at Parliament House, with 3300 signatures for the petition collected by more than 300 BPN affiliates,  ahead of release of the white paper on the planning reforms.

The petition calls for the state government to support a “fair planning system that protects community wellbeing, the environment and heritage at the same time as it provides new housing for a growing population”, Ms Fisher said.

“Even before the White Paper has been released, the Government is encouraging Urban Activation Precincts that seem to consist of high density residential development without any provision for public open space, schools, childcare centres or aged care facilities.”

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  1. We are already witnessing apartment blocks in Ku Ring Gai that have been purchased by investors and are vacant. Beautiful loved homes and the tree canopy have been destroyed to make way for this. Will this happen repeatedly? Our X and Y generations cannot afford to purchase with price tags for 1 and 2 bedroom apartments
    close to the city with a price tag ranging between $750,000 and $1 million plus with lift and strata levies. In the Pyrmont and Ultimo areas there are only one or two primary schools and childcare centres with a large growing population. It appears this is the planning we have to have without planning. Pyrmont appears to becoming a concrete jungle with open space rapidly disappearing for more towers. The North Ryde Urban Activation Precinct was announced without consultation with the North Ryde
    community. This community has now been confronted with further increased density and heights than anticipated. With even less open space than previously contemplated. The North Ryde, East Ryde and West Lane Cove communities are unable to access the North Ryde Station as there is no car park and no connecting bus services with the consequence of grid lock on connecting roads to Epping Road. The little Truscott Primary School in North Ryde will not be able to cater for the children that will reside in the Precinct apartments that is unless they too remain empty. Sydney is heating up with more Co2 emissions from the concrete jungle but this NSW Government is forging ahead in the opposite direction
    of World Environmental awareness. Our bushlands, parklands and open spaces are being devoured by concrete destroying the ecology. The insect and animal kingdoms all play a part in a healthy environment.