Bondi Junction set for a sustainability makeover

Leighton, Meriton and Westfield will work with Waverley Council to turn Bondi Junction into a more sustainable precinct as part of the council’s new Green Infrastructure Masterplan.

The three property giants, the Property Council of Australia, Green Building Council of Australia and major landowners are part of council’s Building Futures Partnership.

The plan, created with input from a range of stakeholders, has a strong focus on improving the performance of buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water use and waste.

It sets out the roadmap for reaching the council’s environmental targets, which includes a 30 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, 75 per cent of waste recycled, zero increase in mains water use and improved stormwater quality.

The council said the area is the main hub for commercial, residential and retail. It generates 37 per cent of Waverley’s GHGs, uses 36 per cent of the water consumed in the LGA and generates 11 per cent of the waste council collects.

One of the benefits of improving the area’s sustainability council identified is the financial gain for participating properties in terms of operational cost savings and improved property values.

Currently, 14 of the 485 properties in the junction consume 50 per cent of the entire precinct’s energy use, and nine properties use 50 per cent of its water use.

Council aims to partner with specific property owners across residential, commercial and retail to realise opportunities to reduce consumption.

Proposed solutions include leak detection, lighting upgrades, solar energy, HVAC upgrades and cooling tower optimisation.

Longer term, it wants to see improved standards applied, and potentially a system of incentives for new developments to achieve improved performance in terms of energy and water.

Council is also planning a number of immediate measures in terms of its own buildings including energy-efficiency upgrades to four properties. An electric vehicle charging station is also to be installed on Spring Street.

In the longer term proposals include a central energy plant in the planned Civic Heart project, electric vehicle charging stations throughout the junction, solar energy installation on Waverley Library and large-scale solar on 10 other council properties.

  • Read the full masterplan here

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