BHP’s 6 Star Green Star fitout

17 October 2013 — BHP Billiton has received Western Australia’s first 6 Star Green Star Interiors rating for its Perth fitout at Brookfield Place.

BHP Billiton Iron Ore vice president health safety environment and community Brett Swayn said the building fitout was designed not only with sustainability in mind, but also to provide a modern, open and flexible work space for employees.

The fitout covered more than 60,000 square metres with consulting engineers Norman Disney & Young providing building and sustainability services and playing a key role in the certification of the Green Star rating.

NDY global director of sustainability and Green Building Council of Australia board member Tony Arnel said the project was originally registered for a 5 Star Interiors rating.

“It’s the innovation points achieved on this project which have lifted the rating to a 6 Star rating and which make this a truly unique outcome.”

The 45-level Brookfield Place development’s tower is the tallest side core building in the Southern Hemisphere with the design offsetting the large concrete core to the north of the project and provides an enormous concrete heat shield, leading to strong passive ESD credentials.

Key facts

Brookfield Place is 234 metres tall and as the lead tenant, BHP Billiton occupies 34 of the 45 floors. Construction began in August 2008.

All lifts are destination controlled: they automatically determine the fastest routes.

The office is entirely open plan with no individual offices.

Level four has a giant outdoor terrace with barbecues.

Level 45 is a mixed-use zone made up of lunch areas, lounges, a business centre and quiet area.

For every employee workstation the provision of two other spaces are available for employee use including meeting room, focus room, casual seating on working floors, employee hub or Terrace.

The open plan layout of the office encourages incidental conversation between employees who would not normally interact.

The building has 400 meeting rooms with multiple facilities to enable increased engagement with WA regional or remote sites.

All employee workstations are located within eight metres of natural light.

550 bicycle racks located in the basement allow staff to cycle to work, contributing to sustainability.

The core of the building is located on the North East side rather than in the middle to maximise the open plan layout of the building encouraging incidental conversation between employees while taking full advantage of the river views. This layout also means the core absorbs much of the sunlight which reduces the cost of cooling the building.

All lights in the building adjust automatically depending on the level on natural light.

After 6pm, the lighting becomes sensor-activated, thereby deactivating automatically once everyone has vacated.

17,000 plus individual furniture items (96 per cent are low VOC).

21,500 litres of low VOC sealants and adhesives (99.4 per cent low VOC).

48,760L of low VOC paint (100 per cent low VOC).

All wood used in the building is recycled Jarrah from a WA timber mill. $2.24m in sustainable timber (FSC/PEFC accredited or re-used) (97.4 per cent compliant). The timber flooring was sourced two years in advance of installation to ensure quantity.

53,000m2 of low-formaldehyde emission timber (96 per cent compliant)

11,417 indoor plants.

20 of 21 possible material points for material procurement.

Energy modelling 20 per cent improvement on a 5 Star NABERs rating, benchmarked at a savings of $1 million per year compared to a 3 Star industry benchmark fitout of the same size.

Innovation Points (4 out 5 points awarded) for:

Sustainable Supply chain – BHP Billiton put sustainability as an important procurement consideration, setting benchmarks for the WA industry in targeting and making decisions on credits not previously achieved on the scale of BHP Billiton including the Timber credit/VOC tenancy fitout items/formaldehyde emission/sustainable furniture selections (workstations, chairs, partitions, tables, storage units).

Reduced transport emissions through virtual meeting facilities – 41 video-conferencing facilities throughout the fitout, 2 Halo collaboration suites. Allows BHP Billiton to reduce transport emissions by integrating with the BHPB company ethos of having available, quality VC facilities to staff.

Place of respite – 3800m2  net lettable area for breakout/respite, equivalent to two plus whole floors – 6.1 per cent of the NLA. Recognised as critical to staff engagement and efficiency, adopting benchmarks from the piloted new version Interiors tool.

Provision of best practice speech privacy to meeting rooms. This exceeds the benchmarks in the Green Star Office Interiors rating tool, and also enhances the functionality of the video conferencing facilities.

Energy efficient features of the fitout include:

BHP Billiton adopting energy efficient automatic controls strategies for tenant equipment, including workstation computers, meeting room equipment etc.

Energy efficient power over ethernet telephone network system.

Energy efficient procurement including over 250 LED/LCD displays.

Demand based supplementary HVAC with control of ventilation rates integrated with the base-building CO2 monitoring HVAC system, allowing the system to respond to changes in occupancy over the day.

Fully automated lighting control to open office and meeting rooms and perimeter daylight harvesting.

Overall equated to 20 per cent improvement on a 5 Star NABERs rating, benchmarked at a savings of $1m/annum compared to a 3 Star industry benchmark fitout of the same size.

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