Brief – 3 August 2010 – The Australian Conservation Foundation has welcomed policy commitments from the Australian Greens to cut energy consumption by 20 per cent over the next decade.

ACF executive director Don Henry said that the Greens energy targets would help reduce power bills for businesses and households.

“The Greens policy of cutting energy consumption by 20 per cent by 2020 would reduce power bills for households and businesses and is very welcome,” said Mr Henry.

Mr Henry also lent his support for Greens policy encouraging investment in urban light rail systems.

“ACF welcomes the commitments by the Greens for increased investment in urban light rail systems and to investigate the feasibility of high speed rail to connect our largest cities. We urge the major parties to follow this lead by committing to re-balance the national transport budget – with two thirds being invested in cleaner, faster and affordable public transport systems – by the end of the next term of government.

Greens policy regarding ocean protection also attracted support.

“ACF strongly supports the environmentally and economically responsible commitment by the Greens to protect special areas in our oceans.

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