Brief – 16 July, 2010 – The Australian Local Government Association has launched its Local Roads and Transport Agenda, outlining a vision for the next decade.

President of the ALGA Geoff Lake said that local councils play a significant role in the planning and maintenance of roads and transport infrastructure, with the agenda setting forth a plan to tackle issues relating to Australia’s population growth and climate change.

“Transport is one of the major areas of local government expenditure representing about 20 per cent – or more than $5 billion – of all money spent by councils,” Mr Lake said.

“Not many people realise it, but local councils are directly responsible for 80 per cent of all roads in Australia.

“The National Local Roads and Transport Policy Agenda 2010-20 establishes a framework which local government can use to respond to federal and state government policies and other issues as they emerge.

“The Agenda addresses emerging issues such as road user charging, the likely growth of the Australian population and climate change priorities as well as long-standing local government concerns with road safety, the adequacy of road funding and support for public transport.”

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