11 June 2013 — Applications are open for energy auditors to become AIRAH-accredited.

AIRAH chief operating officer Neil Cox said energy auditors performed a vital role and one whose importance will only increase.

“We live in age of spiralling utility costs and an acute awareness of the role power generation plays in elevating carbon emissions,” Mr Cox said.

“It makes a lot of sense, therefore, for firms to strongly consider bringing in an energy auditor – a professional who is capable of detecting and explaining exactly how energy is being consumed in a commercial or industrial business.

“And because of the keen understanding that Australian companies now have of the relationship between errant energy use, growing costs and elevating emissions, becoming an AIRAH-accredited energy auditor offers a business opportunity where there are potentially thousands of commercial and industrial clients waiting to be helped.”

AIRAH education manager Carolyn Hughes said AIRAH-accredited energy auditors had demonstrated their competency in delivering Level 3 energy audits as defined in the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3598 (2000): Energy Audits.

“A rigorous peer review process and reference process is undertaken to establish the competence of AIRAH-accredited energy auditors,” Ms Hughes said.

Auditors are also reassessed every two years.

Details: www.airah.org.au or effie@airah.org.au

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