Brief – 25 June, 2010 – The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Airconditiong and Heating will produce two best practice guidelines aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption of Australia’s built environment.

Expected to be released May 2011, AIRAH will receive funding from the AusIndustry Green Building Fund to produce the two manuals: the Australian Best Practice Guideline for Controls (DA28) and the Australian Best Practice Guideline for Commissioning and Retro- commissioning (DA27).

According to a media release, AIRAH chief executive officer Phil Wilkinson said that there is a need for best practice guidelines to address the energy, water and greenhouse emissions of Australia’s built environment.

“It is widely recognised that one of the major areas of improvements to be made in the commercial built environment contributing to a reduction of energy, water and greenhouse emissions is through commissioning and retro-commissioning initiatives, and through good-practice design, installation, calibration, programming and operation of controls systems.

“By producing new guidelines for controls and commissioning and retro- commissioning, the Institute will be addressing subject matter for which there is a pressing need.”

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