9 April 2013 — The Australian Institute for Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Heating is finalising its roadmap for a more sustainable industry.

AIRAH chief executive officer Phil Wilkinson said PRIME represented the five pathways to transition – Professionalism, Regulation, Information, Measurement, and Emission abatement.

“Our vision is for a highly skilled and professional Australian HVAC&R industry that is safe, cost-effective and environmentally effective.”

Mr Wilkinson said consolidating a multitude of viewpoints and bringing the industry together to discuss it was a formidable task but there was a groundswell of support, he said.

AIRAH board director Bryon Price said the industry had influence and control over  “a significant component of mankind’s impact on the Earth via emissions and carbon wage”.

“We have the responsibility and capacity to do something about this. But we also have the responsibility to plan for an HVAC&R industry that is productive and prosperous. We think PRIME could be pivotal component in accomplishing this.”

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