From the ACF- 20 August 2010 – The Australian Conservation Foundation’s final assessment of the main parties’ environment policies gives the Greens a high distinction, Labor a bare pass and the Coalition a fail.

ACF’s scorecard has the Coalition on 22 out of 100, Labor on 50 and the Greens on 90.

The Coalition’s score went up this weekwhen it matched Labor’s and the Greens’ commitment to outlaw imports of timber that cannot be verified as having been legally sourced.??Labor gained points this week for announcements on carbon farming and green corridors, Sustainability Impact Assessments for Cabinet submissions, improving planning and transport for more sustainable cities and helping councils and communities cut energy consumption.

The Greens’ score went up this week with the announcement of a plan for $130 million to be spent over the next five years to protect wildlife under threat in northern Australia.??“ACF urges all Australians to be well informed about the full range of the parties’ climate and environmental policies,” said ACF Executive Director Don Henry.

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