Brief – 17 August 2010 – The Australian Conservation Foundation has welcomed Labor’s $10 million commitment to create large green corridors connecting national parks and reserves but says more could be spent to support Australia’s natural life support systems.

According to a recent Auspoll survey commissioned by the ACF and WWF, 72 per cent of voters would support a political party that set up a $1 billion a year national plan to protect rivers, forests, wildlife, oceans and beaches.

ACF’s executive director Don Henry said in a media release that the recent increase in funding was not enough to build resilience to climate change.

“ACF welcomes the commitment to provide strong national leadership and work with regional groups to remake broken connections in the landscape,” said Mr Henry.

“However Labor’s commitment of $10 million is not enough to implement programs that will build resilience to climate change in our natural life support systems.

The ACF also cites research by the Australian Tax Office that shows more than one billion dollars in revenue is foregone annually because of the current structure of Fringe Benefit Taxes on company cars, which encourages pollution.

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