Adrian Abel and Marc Drexel

9 May 2013 — Abel McGrath has become Western Australia’s first ARCACTIVE accredited real estate agency in conjunction with carbon offsetting programs.

The company has also established a special projects division which will focus on pro-active project marketing advice while leveraging ‘the green edge’.

The division is headed by Abel McGrath director Adrian Abel and sustainable property specialist Marc Drexel.

“Market intel from both national and international markets clearly suggests that sustainable homes, when marketed correctly, achieve a premium sales result,” Mr Drexel said.

“As this trend is already finding its way in to the West Australian market it is vital that the sector has the knowledge, understanding and marketing skills to achieve these results.”

Mr Abel said local government authorities were now looking “very favourably at environmentally sustainable developments and we strongly believe by giving these projects what we describe as ‘the green edge”, developments can become more attractive to purchasers while also potentially providing significantly increased returns on investment”.

ARCACTIVE’s David Beyer said developers were increasingly embracing sustainable design and building practices.

“There is a growing need for real estate agencies to understand and promote these principles.”

Carbon Neutral’s chief executive officer Ray Wilson said Abel McGrath was on board as Carbon Neutral ‘Green Supporter’ through its donations to tree planting projects.

“Carbon Neutral specialises in biodiverse native tree plantings that help revive Australia’s rural landscape and absorb carbon emissions, whilst also supporting local wildlife and existing ecosystems,” he said.

Abel McGrath will offer green audit on existing residential properties and can demonstrate to developers and builders how to embrace the current trends and legislation to improve sales returns and better engage with their target markets.

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