18 March 2010 –( UPDATED 19 MARCH 2010) – The major stakeholders involved in Sydney’s 1 Bligh Street development in the CBD  this week announced the building would house the CBD’s first blackwater recycling system and that more such systems were on the way.

The news comes shortly after the major Ozwater’10 conference of leading water experts called for recycled drinking water to be urgently introduced to deal with dwindling water supplies.

At 1 Bligh Street (see our profile) project developers, DEXUS, DEXUS Wholesale Property Fund and Cbus, builder Grocon and recycling builder and operator Aquacell, said the system would save 100,000 litres of drinking water a day.

NSW Water Minister, Phil Costa said the licence, granted under the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 was part of a NSW Government strategy to secure Sydney’s drinking water by attracting private investment in recycled water projects.”

Under the project wastewater will be mined from the nearby sewer main and the base building and then “treated to the highest standards” approved by NSW Health at the recycled water plant in the basement, a joint media statement by the major stakeholders said.

Water will then be distributed around the building for non-drinking purposes, with 75,000 litres used for cooling towers and 25,000 litres used for flushing toilets.

Aquacell CEO Colin Fisher said the granting of the licence was an important part of a sustainable future for NSW.

“Recycled water schemes like this will ease pressure on water, energy and land as our population increases – this legislation ensures ongoing management is robust and a level playing field is achieved. Only organisations that meet the highest standards can be issued a licence which streamlines the approval process for future schemes.”

The company planned to add more sites in NSW to its licence, Mr Fisher said.

This would open the way for developers to access private sewer and recycled water schemes where they are urgently needed.”

NOTE – Our Bathurst Burr correspondent Michael Mobbs has advised he consulted on sustainable office project at Double Bay, which also has a blackwater recycle plant -Ed.


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