16 July 2009 – If you are wondering about the power of the coal miners and the other giant polluters in running the emissions trading scheme debate, this article from Crikey’s Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane, earlier this month is worth putting on the record…

Amid the email-related shenanigans of the weekend before last, one of the more extraordinary articles in the entire climate change debate appeared in The Weekend Australian. It was, in essence, an attack on, and warning to, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Australian Climate Justice Program by News Ltd business writer Matthew Stevens, on behalf of some of the country’s biggest polluters.

The ACF and the ACJP had got up the noses of Boral, BlueScope Steel, Caltex, Rio Tinto, Woodside and Xstrata by noting the remarkable disparity between the apocalyptic rhetoric coming from those companies about the impact of the Government’s “no-polluter-left-behind” emissions trading scheme, and what they had actually told investors. The disparity was so great — especially compared to companies like Alcoa, which had assiduously kept investors informed of the impacts of an ETS — that the ACF and the ACJP asked the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to consider whether they had engaged in misleading conduct. Read more

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