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On the mess festering away on the political sidelines – in weird chat sites, mad rallies and genuine frustration

Feeling disenfranchised with politics? Fed up with politicians desperate for positive press? Tired of seeing the most important issues left off the national agenda? You are not alone. And unfortunately this slow eroding of political process in our country bodes poorly for more united and effective action on climate change. Australians’ faith in democracy has […]

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Here’s a political movement that looks like trouble for climate action and no it’s not only the anti vaxxers

As preparations start for yet another so called “freedom rally” to oppose lock down we wonder if Covid is the only thing driving the protesters. Nope… as you might have suspected there are other tensions and influences afoot and after Covid they could well turn their sights to anti climate action.

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On what it must feel like for Murdoch to wake up and find all his carefully cultivated followers are a bunch of anti vaxxers

If you thought it was weird to feel a bit warm and fuzzy about one of our two big supermarket giants, Coles, saying nice things supporting the climate fight, and pointing out it expected its media partners to share the same values, you weren’t alone. The impetus for this was the stunning announcement early in […]

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Is waste incineration burning a hole in our sustainable future?

The Victorian state government plans for a transition to a circular economy includes a role for waste incineration as part of its waste to energy strategy. The state government’s own documents, however, do not outline risks such as over-investing in waste incineration. This article hopes to inform the best practice and policy on the path to build a circular economy in Victoria and beyond, and it explores the drawbacks and perverse incentives of waste incineration.