In November last year we kicked off the most exciting of projects, Greening the West.

With the help of our fantastic co-lead sponsors Leighton Properties and LandCorp, supporting sponsors NDY, Mirvac and City of Fremantle, advertising sponsor HFM Asset Management and finally Surround Sound sponsor Aurecon, we gathered together an amazing group of people, held two events, produced now two ebooks and significantly expanded our coverage of news on the ground from Perth and WA.

At the first event, the Sustainability Salon for Perth and WA, we invited a group of the most influential people in Perth’s future to dinner. We turned on the recording equipment, started the questions and listened.

See the results of that salon and expanded coverage of the key issues raised in the conversation in Greening the West Part 1.

Now, we’re bringing you the results of the second event, the Surround Sound for Perth and WA, where we invited back some of the original panellists and asked others to join them.

The audience this time was close to 80. And it was a huge hit, with great interaction from a highly engaged audience. The evening itself and the feedback afterwards left us in no doubt that the sustainability champions of Perth and WA mean business. They want better outcomes environmentally, economically and socially.

We’ve gathered the key highlights in this book and fleshed out some of the major projects under way that will transform the city, and improve communities in the bush.

It’s clear there is inspired leadership, in key parts of the property sector, local government, academia, politics, and professional and industry organisations.

Importantly too, there is a determination to influence the state government to switch on its attention to the realities of the sustainability challenges it must quickly grapple with if it is to provide the governance and policy settings to enable rational outcomes for all.

There is no doubt the West has a golden future, but as you can see from our cover, we think it’s that wonderful tone of gold that’s fast going green.

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