INTRODUCTION from the editor: As more than one property investor has said, re-loving a building can lead to a better result than building new. In today’s highly competitive world a creatively refurbished or repurposed building is certain to capture the imagination of a property market that’s developing a healthy appetite for the unique and sustainable – something with texture, a story to tell and with a cache of embodied carbon to spruik. All the better if it also has an organic biophilic feel.

An address with that kind of personality signals to the world what your values are, and the kind of value you are likely to deliver to your clients and stakeholders.

It’s no wonder that the property industry is eyeing off potential gold mines in buildings that only a decade ago might have been overlooked and destined for the tip. 

Today’s highly creative architectural and engineering skills make the job so much easier.

It’s now possible to coax first class comfort, indoor air quality and even energy performance from an older building. 

Combine all of this with the unquestioned value of retaining the embodied carbon of the existing building fabric, and it’s no surprise this special report has been a knock-out.

Our entire editorial team and freelancers worked to sift through the scores of suggestions we received from the industry to bring the best to the fore.

There’s a fabulous range of stories and thought pieces. And we’ve even included a resources guide that can help you get started should you wish to embark on a highly rewarding re-loved building enterprise of your own.

And if you do, let us know how it goes. With any luck we can write it up to share!

Happy reading,

Tina Perinotto
Managing editor and publisher
The Fifth Estate

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