In this episode of our podcast, How to Build a Better World, our managing editor Tina Perinotto talks to Dr Brad Pettitt, the Mayor of Fremantle.

The Freo community has been more than receptive to Brad’s big, bold visions for a thriving, sustainable community, in fact, he says the locals actually push the council to do better.

But the portside city has had its ups and downs, and it’s already feeling the bite of climate change – it’s seeing days and days of 40-plus degrees, and record-low rainfalls.

Even though Fremantle is home to some top-notch buildings, including Josh Byrne’s 10-star house, there’s also a culture of sub-standard, unsustainable development in WA. That’s one reason the Greens member wants to have state-wide impact and is making a run at the next state election.

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