We love this chapter three. And not just because it rhymes with the birds and the bees, but because this is about “Getting Together”.

You’ve assessed the old talent (office) and done some sums – financial and metaphorical – and decided to move on.

Now it’s time to consider all the other options.

What this chapter does is brings to the foreground the sometimes subtle but more often powerful influences that come to play from “other parties”. The third parties that somehow create the glue that binds, or the influences that slides the deal asunder.

It was beautifully expressed recently by Better Buildings Partnership co-ordinator Ben Thomas, pictured in this chapter with head of sustainability Pacific for CBRE Amanda Steele.

It’s like those early tentative days of “getting together”. When the peer group starts to chip in with some encouragement: “She/he is a great match for you.” Or some not so subtle hints: “Hmm, we’re not sure she/he will really fit in with us… or your family. Nah, give it a miss.”

In the property world the big influencers are the landlord, the agent, the tenant rep and the consultant.

So we’ve talked to a cross section of these:

  • Emlyn Keane from AMP Capital Investors
  • Amanda Steele and Jenine Cranston from CBRE
  • Gavin Martin from Jones Lang La Salle
  • Erik Moore from Arup
  • Natalie Roberts from WWF

And there’s some words on the work of Kador Group with its amazing 6 Star Green Star heritage building at 39 Hunter Street in Sydney and the equally amazing tenant Optiver, which chose to move in.

What we also loved about this chapter is to see how the world is changing as we speak.

Bikes for instance.

To attract tenants, AMP Capital Investors, one of Australia’s leading landlords, is now promoting bikes in the basement, instead of cars: facilities to make the busy executive feel good about coming to work, and getting there; doing something good for themselves, not just for the job.

Next, and just as good, is that AMP is advertising one of its building in Kent Street by promoting its proximity to bike lanes.

You heard it here first folks. It’s not proximity to the freeway exit, it’s not even proximity to trains and buses… now it’s proximity to the bike lanes.

Now we’re moving, Australia!

AMP Capital is also doing clever things with lights. And lighting is emerging as one of the sleepers of energy savings: easy, quick, cheap, with loads of savings available.

And because we love a bit of competition, it’s good to hear from Amanda Steele on who are the greenest tenants.

But we’re not telling.

To find out you will have to open up, click and download.

You, our readers, are creating a sensation with the hits this book is getting.

So don’t stop now.

Read on and change the world. From here.

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