If you need to source cheaper and more low carbon electricity for your organisation – or want to understand more about this increasingly critical part of the sustainability landscape  – then our latest ebook will be invaluable.

The Energy Gold Rush: Your Toolkit for Strategic Energy Management, has been a huge project. Developed in collaboration with energy experts AGL, Energetics and Envizi, it is based on our energy webinar series late last year, but goes much further.

It’s a useful and practical toolkit that steps through the key messages covered in the webinars, answers key questions flagged by the listeners, and adds references and infographics that turn one of the most complex areas of sustainability into a simple step-by-step asset that will help you plan and deliver more efficient, lower cost and lower carbon energy.

Why is energy management important?

These are challenging times for business.

There’s fierce competition, resource constraints, rising energy prices and tight margins. And let’s not forget the urgent need to curb emissions amidst regulatory uncertainty.

But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a pot of gold waiting to be mined – energy efficiency. We think energy efficiency will create property’s equivalent of the next gold rush, with plenty of value on all levels – environmental, financial and social.

The benefits are certainly financial – the cost savings on operational expenditure can be huge. But the benefits can also go far deeper and have a greater impact on your business performance and the value of the portfolio.

Gold in brand, performance and investment values

Saving energy can improve your NABERS Energy rating. This can translate to a better brand profile for stakeholders – owners, occupants and customers.

Buildings with higher environmental ratings – for NABERS and Green Star – are also now consistently showing superior investment performance as well, both in terms of income and capital.

The most exciting thing about environmental savings is that they go hand in hand with financial savings and adding value.

However, it’s not always easy to prove the business case, especially with some companies and organisations where energy spend is high, but is minor compared with other operational costs such as staff and rent.

To create the big opportunities around energy and to make a deep impression on the company’s bottom line, you need first to adopt an approach that will appeal to the “C suite” – the chief executive, the chief financial officer and the chief operating officer.

As with all major business initiatives, the key to success in energy management is the development of a clear strategy.  You need a champion for your initiative, robust data on your energy consumption and buying behaviour, and knowledge of the energy market.

Once you have those fundamentals in place you can dive in and uncover the rich seam of energy efficiency opportunities. The question is, where to start?

A pathway to the goldfields

To provide you with a pathway to these opportunities, The Fifth Estate has collaborated with three experts in the energy field – AGLEnergetics and Envizi – to present a webinar series and this ebook, which summarises the key messages covered in the webinars and provides practical guidance.

This is your toolkit to help you develop, present and execute a better, more efficient, lower cost, lower carbon energy plan for your business.

This guide is designed specifically for facility managers, sustainability managers and operations managers.
It’s presented in a way that demystifies the concepts and messages so that any stakeholder can gain a better understanding of this potentially complex but critical part of business operations.

We encourage you to take this ebook guide and its messages out to the world, and create your own gold rush. Happy digging!

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