Today’s fast changing world offers huge advances in ways to provide and source utilities – from water and energy to electric vehicle charging and data services. Benefits abound in both sustainability gains and cost savings – for occupants and developers alike.

At the communities or precinct scale, it’s possible to see the benefits multiply beautifully, thanks to the advantages of scale.

If you add in an integrated systems approach that can incorporate data, telemetry and switchboard upgrades that delivers the best possible value for customers, the environmental and financial benefits suddenly look even more attractive.

But it’s not always easy. Large strata title communities, especially those that blend residential and commercial occupants present special challenges. You need an operator who knows how to navigate the inevitable technical and human stumbling blocks that are typically of collective decision making and strategies.

This is where the Altogether Group can help. Think of it as “your green strata utility”. It’s already the trusted supplier of low-cost power, water and data for more than 600 communities across Queensland and New South Wales.

In a nutshell Altogether funds power, water and data infrastructure for Owners Corporations, creating bespoke solutions for each community, removing wastage and increasing efficiency. Ultimately this leads to lower costs, reducing water and electricity demands and regional network impost.

Altogether Group installed individual meters at Q1 at the Gold Coast, and implemented a pro-rata billing system [and] permanent residents saw instant savings

It advises communities on the most efficient approach to infrastructure as well as the benefits and pitfalls of latest technologies. It can pinpoint how to achieve the lowest practical green footprint and the best commercial arrangements to protect the entire community from owners corporations to property owners and tenants. And it can do it all while offering Altogether Group’s low-cost funding solutions, and access to unique technology solutions and locally focused services.

For developers Altogether Group helps property developers in NSW and Queensland not only attract sustainability-conscious buyers but also bring projects to market more quickly by such programs as providing infrastructure that utilities might not have built yet, such as sewerage and water systems, power mains and substations.

Customers are happy

Altogether Group’s track record is strong.

Terry Leckie, chief executive officer, Altogether Group

It includes the well-known and world-leading recycled water system at Sydney’s Central Park, as well as the efficient embedded energy networks in the iconic high-rise communities of Brisbane Skytower and Q1 and Soul on the Gold Coast.

At Central Park Altogether installed the largest water system in residential high rise in the world, which is currently being upgraded to service more areas and possibly extend to other users.

At The Orchards by Sekisui House in northwest Sydney, it’s managed the installation of an integrated solution for energy needs. The community will get EV charging and rooftop solar PV supplying energy to all common area uses such as lifts, lighting, heated swimming pools.

The community will ultimately benefit from 1GWh of free greenpower for common property use every year, saving the owners in strata fees whilst the residents save at least 15% on their power bills. 

Huntlee in the Hunter Valley NSW is an entire new town that benefits from Altogether’s water services, including high quality recycled water.

The company’s treatment system has achieved better water pressure than the local utility could have mustered.

“We’ve had instances where people are on the other side of the road and want to receive the services we are providing”

Terry Leckie

Reliable high quality recycled water is used for flushing toilets, watering gardens and keeping the town green all year-round to reduce the effect of increasingly high temperatures. All drinking water comes from incumbent providers at ‘the gate’ with Altogether ensuring water pressure and quality within the community.

According to Altogether Group chief executive officer Terry Leckie, demand for efficiency solutions often comes from residents, not just owners corporations and property owners.

“We’ve had instances where people are on the other side of the road and want to receive the services we are providing,” he says.

Sekisui House’s The Orchards in northwest Sydney will get EV charging and rooftop solar PV supplying energy to all common area uses such as lifts, lighting, heated swimming pools. Photo: Sekisui House

At the Q1 tower in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, one owner was determined to understand how she could be spending so much on hot water. It turns out she wasn’t – but she was being lumbered with bills that holiday rental tenants were racking up.

Executive manager energy Drew McKillican says Altogether Group installed individual meters and implemented a pro-rata billing system revealing the problem and all permanent residents saw instant savings.

“It was great, because investors become a little bit more interested in their usage,” says Mr McKillican. And “it makes occupiers more aware of their own behaviour.”

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