Tomorrowland19 – I, human

The built environment, climate and technology are speeding headlong on converging tracks. The next five years are critical. We need to collaborate in extraordinary ways to find the solutions we need for people and planet. We need complex systems thinking and the evolving power of technology to help. In environmental management, in building technology, in shaping communities for economic capital and social capital, in finance that can deliver $100 million for the like of the amazing Nightingale Village; in how we manage the onslaught of technology coming at us in all directions.

Reloved Buildings

As more than one property investor has said, re-loving a building can lead to a better result than building new. In today’s highly competitive world a creatively refurbished or repurposed building is certain to capture the imagination of a property market that’s developing a healthy appetite for the unique and sustainable – something with texture, a story to tell and with a cache of embodied carbon to spruik. All the better if it also has an organic biophilic feel.

Happy Healthy Offices

We spend so much time in our workplaces it’s almost embarrassing. We arrive early, leave late, eat, exercise and shower there, and sometimes make our most important friends there. So these spaces are designed, built and managed can have a big impact on our health and well being.

Universities and Education

Today’s students are global and well informed. They expect the very best in facilities and sustainability and they’re time poor – often working part time or full time. This means they want great locations that offer convenience and connections with the corporate world and of course highly effective teaching.