What just happened?

In a totally wonderful way.

Our first Urban Greening event (that’s right, first) went off like a rocket.

We count it as our best success ever. Double the numbers we expected, biggest turnout ever, and packed with brilliant speakers, insights and not one weak spot in the immensely successful day.

We need to thank our star speakers – but who do you choose first?


Professor Elizabeth Mossop honoured us with a formal welcome and the official announcement of our imminent move to UTS as a “newspaper in residence” for the next six months.

What a sandpit to play with!

Peter Bottero, Tensile; Dr John Holland; and Renn Holland, Tensile.

Jamie Durie of course was a star with his keynote, and more people and fantastic content than we can mention right now. However, you’ll be seeing coverage coming up soon and more extensively in our ebook.

Suffice to say for now that Jess Miller was an amazing MC and totally delighted the crowd throughout the day but in particular with a fantastic mock council meeting that considered a rewilding proposal for Moore Park from UTS lecturer Martin Bryant.

Amy Croucher, Sustainability Advantage, with Caroline Pidcock, Pidcock Architects.

To know more you, have to keep reading us!

Among the influencers on the day was the incredible audience. A big shout out to all.

A huge thanks to our sponsors, Tensile, Mulpha and WaterUps and to our collaborators on the event: Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, Ben Stockwin and Tessa Faucheur in particular; UTS, Jua Chillers and Sara Wilkinson in particular; and Living Future Institute Australia and Laura Hamilton-O’Hara.

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  1. What a tremendous event! Well done to all ! I was honoured to speak ??

    Keep up the great work everyone??

    1. HI Jamie

      it was fantastic you could join us, and with a great keynote… wonderful feedback on your session! HUGE thanks from all of us