Behind the scenes at Building Circularity at Austage Events, Mascot

Did we mention we’re live streaming our next event Building Circularity on 24 November with most of our speakers from a television studio in Mascot? Complete with a stage, big screens, and a professional camera crew?

We’re bringing you a fantastic virtual conferencing experience with a speaker line up that is sure to knock your socks off. These are the big names driving circularity and sustainability in the built environment, in Australia and beyond.

Aaron from AustageEvents in full directorial flight

In pre-event interviews this week we spoke to a serious heavy weights in this Building Circularity revolution: Veena Sahajwalla, UNSW Laureate Professor, Director of Centre for Sustainable Materials Research & Technology (SMaRT) at University of New South Wales.

And in a more thoughtful mood on camera

All sorts of wild and wonderful things go on in her green manufacturing micro-factory in the university’s basement, including the creation of green ceramics and a type of green steel that involves extracting hydrogen and carbon from old rubber tyres and plastic, reducing the reliance on coke and coal.

The centre’s high tech sustainable microrecycling techniques separate materials in complicated products, such as electronics, and then considers the best way to “resynthesise” these valuable materials into a high quality new products.

Just this week, it announced a new technique to recover aluminium from complex, multilayered packaging, such as food and coffee packaging, and turn it into high-quality green aluminium.

Check out this snippet from the Veena interview below:

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