GBCA transform

The Fifth Estate has two tickets to GBCA’s Transform to give away, to Fifth Estate members and Greenlisters (Full tickets, valued at $2099 each)

Transform is the Green Building Council’s signature event for sustainability in the built environment.

To win your ticket tell us in one sentence the most urgent thing we need to do for sustainability in the built environment in the next 12 months. 

If your answer is one of the best two, you’ll get a ticket to Transform, where you can try to bend the ears of the most influential movers and shakers in the business. 

Submit your answer to by COB Wednesday 13 March so we can tell readers who won and what the two winning answers were.

Tickets are for members only and Greenlisters, so sign up quick to qualify – It all help us continue our work!

3 replies on “Win two free tickets for TFE Members & Greenlisters for GBCA’s Transform”

  1. Sustainability in the built environment can be achieved through the reduction of wastage in the building process, choice of materials for sustainability and being locally sourced, expenditure on well sealed building envelopes and quality (double or triple) glazing to reduce the reliance on heating & cooling coupled with off grid technologies for every dwelling.

  2. Any building or workplace can create a culture of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Give people engaging education on how to do this with their everyday choices- airconditioning, meal choices, stationery choices etc and provide the facilities (like several different bins) to back it up. We need to urgently reduce our wastage in every building. As a second step, buildings can look for ways to automate things so without thinking, they are reducing waste.

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