Ellenbrook in WA, which won an award for being the world's best master-planned community this year.

Perth’s Ellenbrook development has been recognised as the world’s best master-planned community at an international awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

The urban development project was awarded the International Real Estate Federation’s World Prix d’Excellence Award for 2015 in the Master Plan Category.

Ellenbrook is designed to provide housing, education, recreation, retail and community facilities for up to 35,000 residents.

According to a statement from WA housing minister Colin Holt, Ellenbrook is already Australia’s most awarded urban development, and the win further validates a government approach of partnering with the private sector to integrate social and affordable housing.

“This development with LWP Property Group pioneered partnerships between the government and the private sector in this area,” Mr Holt said.

“The ability of the government and its partners to work together during the 20 years of this project demonstrates how it is possible to align private sector investment principles with quality urban design and government social policy objectives.

“The result is a world class master-planned community with numerous awards to its name.”

Mr Holt said Ellenbrook had consistently been one of Australia’s fastest-selling residential estates over its 20-year life.

“It is an industry leader in urban planning, creation of affordable housing, environmental sustainability, and neighbourhood and community development.”

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  1. As an original founding resident….the idea was to live play and walk hence LPW in Ellenbrook not drive hours out of the area…so no major infrastruture was planned We had a speed limit of 40…gone are those days and the new residents want a city and complain

  2. I echo what James Dove says. The state government’s last cancellation, after they cancelled the rail line, was to cancel the second prize as well, the rapid bus system. If we had just one of these options I would think Ellenbrook would deserve this award, but without infrastructure no town deserves any awards

  3. It just seems a pity that this new and progressive community has no supporting public or road transport infrastructure despite the rapid growth of the adjoining estates. Both rail,bus and road projects need to keep pace with the current and future growth, at present, there is a car park situation in and out of the Ellenbrook area every morning and afternoon which is frustratingly unacceptable.