10 February 2014 — Relocation company Two Men and a Truck has launched a corporate social responsibility program designed to embrace environmental and community initiatives within the business and wider community.

Two Men and a Truck founder Richard Kuipers said CSR had become increasingly important over the 20 years the company had been around, and that his company’s “Moving Together” program channelled the business’s environmental and social activities into a strategic, workable model.

“There is a lot of emphasis on climate change and the environment compared to 20 years ago,” Mr Kuipers said.

“The removals industry is dependent on transport and cardboard boxes, so we felt we needed some ideas to leverage our carbon footprint.”

On the environmental front, changes within the business have included:

  • a fleet transition plan, where two newer and more fuel efficient trucks have saved 2866kg of carbon emissions a year and $1730 in fuel costs
  • combined loads where customers agree, reducing trips from an on-road schedule of five days to three days
  • a box buy back scheme that has reduced the purchase of new boxes over the past two years from 16,550 to 13,240
  • iPads and mobile phones for drivers and estimators in the field, almost eliminating the use of paper for transactions and communications
  • a reduction of electricity costs by $2189 from 2011/12 to 2012/13

Mr Kuipers said that many other businesses could adopt a similar model to implement their own corporate social responsibility program.

“Every business has an opportunity to give something back to its community,” he said.