Brief: Universities and not for profits now have free access to a supercomputer-enabled analysis tool that can assess extreme weather and climate change risks for any of their assets.

The EasyXDI climate risk analysis tool has been made free for non-commercial purposes by the two part owners of the core technology – climate risk and adaptation analytics software developer XDI and climate change consultancy and tech developers Climate Risk. 

The tool is available online and users simply plug in the asset type, location, and asset life span to find out important metrics such as the cost of insurance. 

It claims to determine the impact of flooding, tides, storms, droughts, wildfires and heat-waves in “just minutes”.

“Climate data is almost impenetrable to non-experts. As climate change worsens, we need risk analysis in the hands of decision makers quickly, in metrics they can understand like the cost of insurance, deterioration of asset value or a simple AA rating,” XDI chief technology officer Dr Karl Mallon said.

“We’ve distilled years of climate risk analysis for governments and utilities into EasyXDI to make something highly accessible to non-specialists,” Dr Mallon said. 

Although free for non-commercial uses, at US$250 (AUD$358.60) for a residential property and US$900 (AUD $1291) for an infrastructure asset, it’s made climate change impact modelling more affordable for consumers.

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