Plastic waste

The South Australian government will provide up to $300,000 to local recycling businesses for activities to strengthen the market for recycled materials and recycled-content product.

Offered through Green Industries SA, eligible activities include accredited testing to validate product quality and performance to improve the local market’s confidence and acceptance of recycled-content products; and development of new or expanding existing markets for the products.

“These grants are a timely aid to bolstering our recycling businesses’ market development efforts amid the challenges arising from China’s policy on certain recycled materials,” sustainability, environment and conservation minister Ian Hunter said.

“Strengthening the local market and secondary re-manufacturing industry will also develop our economy and act as a buffer against the risks associated with selling into overseas commodity markets.

“Equally important is the need to improve market confidence in using recycled-material products as a viable option so eligible activities for funding include those which validate the quality and performance of local recycled materials or recycled-content products and develop new or expand existing markets for such products.”

One reply on “South Australia announces funds to boost demand for recycled-content products”

  1. Sometimes I wish I lived in SA…
    We don’t even have a workable grant scheme that allows the release of the $10M allocated under the landfill levy account to those private & local governments who buy clean recycled concrete.

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