From Sustainability Victoria:

Sustainability Victoria has released three new technical reports on the energy saving benefits of replacing old swimming pool pumps, gas water heaters and clothes dryers with new high-efficiency models.

The latest reports follow other recently-released technical studies which looked at: sealing houses from draughts, replacing halogen downlights with low energy lamps, installing cavity wall insulation and replacing old gas heating ducts with high efficiency ductwork.

Sustainability Victoria’s Chief Executive, Stan Krpan, said it was important for retailers, installers and industry professionals to understand what’s available and to help their customers make good choices.

“The latest reports focus on three household appliances that people don’t replace that often, but which use significant amounts of energy. While people are after a good price, sustainability is top of mind for many, and longer-term value for money always is.”

The reports were based on research in real homes and would help the domestic appliance and equipment industry to play its part in reducing energy use and saving households money.

The reports can be found here:

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