5 August 2014 — BRIEF: NABERS is seeking feedback on proposed updates to its Indoor Environment tool.

NABERS has been working with industry experts to identify enhancements to NABERS IE tool since 2013, and through this collaboration a number of proposals have been made to make the tool easier to understand, and more meaningful and valuable.

The following changes have been recommended:

  • Star rating – a simpler way to determine the final star rating, which makes it easier to understand how much improvement is needed to reach the next star rating
  • Score calculation – a new way to calculate and communicate scores across the rating, which makes cores more meaningful and easier to understand to rating users
  • Rating report – a new rating report available upon certification, which will help assessors and customers to better understand their rating and identify areas for future improvement
  • Technical update – a number of enhancements to the technical base of NABERS IE, to ensure consistency with IEQ standards that were updated in recent years

NABERS is now seeking feedback on these proposed enhancements, as well as on additional ideas that could improve the existing tool.

The consultation paper can be downloaded here.

Feedback is open until 18 August 2014, and can be made via email.